CEO: Amanda Brooke Lerner
Associate Coach: Robyne Parrish



The ACTOR & the BIZ is a hands-on private business coaching service founded by Amanda Brooke Lerner. Her intention is to train actors to feel empowered by helping them build the solid foundation they need to realize a sustainable career (regardless of representation and/or union status). Driven by positivity, compassion and an insatiable love for the craft, the Actor & the Biz will guide you through the matrix of The Biz.

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"Robyne was wonderful to work with. As an actor and director with over 25 years in the business, I knew I was in great hands. Not only did she have great suggestions as to what I could do with my monologue to make it more effective, she had some audition tips that proved really helpful when it came time to get on stage. Perhaps most importantly, her unerring support of me and my pursuit of the craft gave me the confidence to believe in myself. That's priceless." - Kate Gross Cantor

"Robyne is an incredible acting coach! Not only did she make me feel comfortable enough to open up and let go, but she also gave me the confidence boost I needed. She truly believes in me! Robyne offered me great audition tips and gave me a new perspective on character. She also gave my resume a fabulous makeover! I look forward in continuing this journey with her!" - Katie Aiello McCusker

"Amanda Brooke Lerner has guided my daughter, Tracey Lewis, through the world of auditions, video audition submissions, script analysis, resume building, and acting recommendations during the past 5 years.  We (Tracey and me as her parent) have learned so much about TV/film/theater acting.  Tracey has also done audition preparation and self taping with Robyne Parrish Lamb via the internet and I can also highly recommend her too!  Amanda and Robyne both make the video self submission process a wonderful learning experience and stick with you until you put together the best audition video possible." - Tracey and Linda Lewis

"1 part business savy, 1 part naturally talented actress, 1 part extremely helpful and caring, and add a dash of two adorable dogs and what do you get? Robyne Parrish! She will help you with all your acting needs and put you on the right track to achieving your goals! always responsive and ready to assist you. Thanks Robyne!" - Rishab Nathan

" I recently started studying with Robyne, and after only two sessions (heck, after the first), I felt unprecedentedly better prepared for my future in acting.
I have a fancy new resume, a more informed direction for my career, and Robyne has become someone I can turn to for advice, support, resources, and help in making the big decisions that I used to have to pretend I knew how to make.
... so if you've ever wanted an acting coach or a mentor to help you navigate the industry, I can't recommend her enough." - Jim Hartley

"I saw that Robyne was offering coaching and I quickly contacted her to set something up. I had been looking for mentoring/coaching that caters to my specific needs for years now. I set up a video chat with her and in a little over an hour she helped answer questions that I've had for years! She quickly put me on the right track and offered very valuable advice and made me feel confident going forward. I can't wait for our next session!" -  Kelly McCaughan